LinnTwo defining facts about me:

  1. I’m half-Canadian and half-Norwegian and I was raised equally in both countries.
  2. I have an Honours Bachelor of Arts from Victoria University in the University of Toronto, with a specialist in Theatre Design & Production and a minor in English literature.

I made my first “website” (I use that term loosely) with Microsoft Publisher in 1998, and then progressed through a series of drag-and-drop site building programs. Around 2005 I ventured into the world of hand-written code and stylesheets, and I haven’t looked back. I started freelancing in 2008 and I’ve been doing this full-time since 2011.

I like nib pens, light roast coffee, alphabetizing my bookshelves, and raw code. I feel incredibly lucky that what started as a nerdy hobby turned out to be a marketable skill.

I share my cozy office and my life with a rambunctious cat named Ronja.

Want the formal, third-person version?

Linn Øyen Farley runs the independent web design & development studio Drollic Design in Toronto, Canada. Since 2008, Linn has helped arts organizations and small businesses take control of their online presence by building websites for them that look beautiful and are easy to update. She strongly believes in accessibility, low overhead, and empowering clients. When she’s not making websites, you can find her teaching classes at Camp Tech… or in Norway.

About Drollic

droll·ic adj. [rare, 18th c.] Of or pertaining to a droll or puppet-show

Puppet shows strive to be visually interesting and captivating to their audiences, while backstage it’s crucial that the strings are organized, easy to use, and highly functional in the hands of the puppet master. Similarly, it’s essential that your website is attractive and engaging, and it’s equally important that the code is clean, standards-compliant, and built on a system that puts you – the website owner – entirely in control.

de·sign v. Decide upon the look and functioning of a building, garment, or other object

In theory, design should take both appearance and functionality into consideration. In practice, too often one gets sacrificed for the sake of the other. I believe in building well-designed websites in both senses of the word: visually and functionally. Useful design.


Drollic is mostly a one-woman show, but if a project calls for an extra hand, I’ll bring a trusted collaborator on board. I choose the people I work with based on both their skills and their personality. I think you’ll appreciate the combination too!

Kinnon Elliott

Illustration, graphic & brand design

Kinnon is an award-winning illustrator and designer based in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood. Her focus is print, custom illustration, logo design, and brand development. She loves editorial illustration, infographics, children’s book illustration, greeting cards, mid-century modern, month-long trips, and other people’s pets.

Helen Tremethick

Brand voice & copywriting

Helen is the brand voice strategist and copywriter who helps you find the words you need to get the clients you want. Nuanced and deeply immersive, Helen’s proven methodology turns your website visitors into long-term, happy clients. Helen is your design team’s secret weapon.

Ronja Røverdatter

Office cat

Ronja has extensive experience developing and maintaining nap spots, efficiently consuming large amounts of food, and encouraging a healthy work/life balance. She enjoys participating in client meetings, if only to draw your attention to the birds outside the window.

Recommended colleagues

If my availability doesn’t work for you (or you’re just looking for more options!), I highly recommend these fine folks:

Dara Skolnick and Melissa Jean Clark are two fellow friendly web folks working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. Dara can take on both parts of a design and development project, and both Dara and Melissa can bring your designer’s work to life through code (or recommend a designer to partner with!).


(About the site)

Launched February 3rd 2007

Latest project added August 5th 2020

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