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The Toronto Fringe is a vital part of the theatre community and the city of Toronto, with local and international artists and patrons flocking to the summer festival every year. Since the last incarnation of their website, the Fringe had grown beyond the festival, to include a juried winter festival, a year-round rehearsal space, and many outreach activities. The website was simply trying to accommodate too much content within a small framework on a code-only system.

While Avery Swartz worked to overhaul the site’s content structure, I built a brand new site on WordPress based on her wireframes. The custom theme differentiates each section of the organization including the two festivals, the Creation Lab space, and their outreach activities. I also built in functionality that allows for simple importing of over 140 listings from their database of performer-submitted show details each year, resulting in searchable, sortable, and easily editable show listings.

The Fringe’s print brochures are recognisable for their clean and consistent branding, bright colours, and hand-made fonts, all courtesy of Anthony Swaneveld. Anthony designed the layout and colour scheme of the new site so it matched the printed materials.

In 2014, I overhauled the layout to be mobile-friendly and improved the performance of the site.

Linn is an expert. We brought a huge re-design project to her with very tight timelines, and she was able to handle all of it with ease and a sense of humour. She has the experience and ability to implement simple and effective solutions to complex programming requests. She has a keen eye for design, and she’s also incredibly adept at implementing pre-existing design parameters and collaborating with a large team. Finally, but most importantly, we now have a website that’s highly functional, completely user-friendly, and very simple for internal staff to edit on a daily basis. I highly recommend working with Linn for your next web project.

— Laura Quigley, Development & Communications Manager, Toronto Fringe Festival

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The Toronto Fringe, theatre festival & organization

Toronto, Canada
March–June 2012, May–July 2014

Technical stuff
  • I was responsible for design and development
  • Written in HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery
  • Built on WordPress
  • With help from Advanced Custom Fields