I make websites beautiful, accessible, and easy to use.

The Toronto Fringe desktop

We now have a website that’s highly functional, completely user-friendly, and very simple for internal staff to edit on a daily basis. I highly recommend working with Linn for your next web project.

Five things you can count on

I'm a designer and developer.

As a designer, I’ll create mockups that anticipate your developer’s practical needs. As a developer, I’ll honour your designer’s work by elegantly translating it into code. If you’re looking for a team of one, I can design and build your site.

You never pay for extras.

I stay small to keep my overhead low. I work from home, with no employees, using free and open source software. You only pay for the time I spend working for you.

I love my job and it shows.

Whether we’re planning a long-term project or meeting for an hour to find the best hosting company for your blog, working with clients is one of my favourite things. I’m happy and grateful that I get to do this every day – yes, even Mondays.

I’m good at what I do.

The web is constantly changing and the person working on your website needs to keep up. I level up my skills at conferences, teach workshops, and listen to industry podcasts.

I’m always honest and direct.

I only take on work that I know will be a good fit. I’ll ask the important questions and say no when it’s necessary. I’m transparent about my process and you’ll always know exactly what’s happening with your project.

Sound good? Let’s talk about your website.

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Function Friday #18: hide the admin area and toolbar from certain user roles
WordPress is a great platform for membership-based sites, where lots of people can log in with very specific, restricted access to certain areas. Unless some of the functionality they need access to is in the admin area, I usually disable it for everyone except the roles that do need access. With a few functions, you can more or less completely hide the fact that your site is running WordPress (unless you have savvy visitors who notice things like "wp" in the login URL). Continue reading “Function Friday #18: hide the admin area and toolbar from certain user roles”


The Biographer
: Poster design

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